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Pay the Right Price for Your Parts

BRP and GRAD4’s Success

BRP is a Quebec company that is constantly innovating in the creation of motorized outdoor vehicles. The company creates innovative ways of getting around on all surfaces; snow, water, asphalt, dirt and even in the air.

« Because it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. » – BRP

Recently, BRP had to find a supplier for the manufacture of 12 carts used to move snowmobile assemblies within their factory. BRP’s requirements had two particularities: the carts had to be painted and they had to be produced within a maximum of 4 weeks.

The company then begins its search for suppliers, according to their usual process. However, realizing the complexity of their requirements, especially regarding the short delay, BRP also decides to submit its RFQ on GRAD4.

Following calls with their usual suppliers, which is their conventional way of doing things, BRP receives two bids. On GRAD4, after creating and submitting an RFQ in 10 minutes, they already have three bids two days later. The results of the two different methods speak for themselves.

The best price offered by GRAD4 suppliers was 44% cheaper than the best price acquired by BRP alone. The choice of BRP was obvious. The company chose JPM Metal, which even offered to deliver parts faster than the already tight deadlines demanded by BRP. Much like its products, BRP took advantage of a pleasant process to reach a more than satisfactory end result.

“I haven’t finished working with you, I really like your platform and the upcoming changes look promising.” – Alexandre Houde, industrial engineering, logistics project manager at BRP

The collaboration between BRP and GRAD4 has proven several things. For starters, a small network limited to a few suppliers is not enough to ensure the best prices and delay. A complete vision of the options, as allowed by the GRAD4 platform, is necessary.

Also, BRP has proven that it is possible to combine a traditional supplier search method with an RFQ submission on GRAD4. By comparing the results of the different processes, the choice will be clear, as BRP has experienced.

Finally, the effectiveness of the GRAD4 platform has been proven by the experience of BRP. The company, thanks to its collaboration with GRAD4, received bids adapted to its needs, at much more competitive prices and delays, all by creating and submitting its RFQ in 10 minutes on the GRAD4 platform.

Test the platform for yourself and see how GRAD4 can help you.

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