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Parts Produced in Quebec Without Any Compromise

Vention and GRAD4’s Success

Vention is a Montreal-based company that started in 2016 and now has 40,000 users, present on 3 continents. Vention is a pioneer in digital manufacturing for machine design. The company offers a platform to design, order and assemble custom factory equipment.

“We envision a world where the process to build industrial equipment is as straightforward, and enjoyable, as building with LEGO. A world where you imagine your machine in the morning and build it in the afternoon”

Vention enables engineers and other manufacturing professionals to create machines from the thousands of parts available on their platform. Thus, it is necessary for Vention to subcontract a large volume of parts, all on a recurring basis.

Until recently, the company had all its high-volume orders manufactured in China, believing that it was impossible to find Quebec suppliers who would produce high quality parts while being as competitive with their prices. Having heard of GRAD4, Vention sees an opportunity to verify if it is possible to bring part of their supply chain back to Quebec, without any disadvantage or compromise.

Having heard of GRAD4, Vention sees it as an opportunity to verify if it was possible to bring part of their supply chain back to Quebec, without disadvantage or compromise. In addition, their supply chain was starting to feel the negative effects of COVID-19.

They drop an RFQ on GRAD4 to see what the Quebec manufacturing community had to offer. Their RFQ received, in 4 days, an exceptional number of 16 bids. Among the 16 bids, each more competitive than the other, Précinov’s one stands out. They win the contract and develop an innovative process, tailor-made for Vention.

Among the 16 submissions, each more competitive than the other, Precinov’s one stands out. The supplier proposes to develop an anodization process in order to be able to meet Vention’s high quality standards, all at a very competitive price.

Précinov then developed an innovative process, tailor-made for Vention. The complex process consists of a series of operations with surgical precision. The result is a success across the board. Precinov’s pieces surpass Vention’s expectations.

“Had we seen this finish before, we would have treated all our parts like that!” – Supply Chain Director at Vention

In conclusion, several things can be learned from this collaboration between Vention, Précinov and GRAD4. The Quebec manufacturing environment is competitive and should not be forgotten in favor of international manufacturing. The GRAD4 platform allows Quebec buyers to not only consider local suppliers but makes possible the development of a sustainable and very robust Quebec supply chain. Win-win collaboration between Quebec players is possible and promoted thanks to GRAD4.

Then, not only is the Quebec market competitive, the suppliers are talented and ingenious. The capabilities of suppliers are varied and differ, but there is nothing that is feasible internationally that would not be feasible in Quebec. Just get in touch with the right supplier, which is much easier when you have access to a network as large as that of over 100 GRAD4 suppliers.

Finally, Vention has proven that just because a company has a functional way of doing things, it is still very relevant to verify the competitiveness of its network. Not only is this possible, but sometimes necessary, otherwise it is impossible for a company to know if it is getting the best possible offer, in terms of price, quality and deadlines.

Test the platform for yourself and see how GRAD4 can help you.

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