GRAD4’s Story

GRAD4 all began after realizing a problem in the manufacturing sector. Co-founder Nicolas Gauthier, a mechanical engineering technician, has worked in a workshop as well as in the supply department at Devinci, a bicycle manufacturer. This gave him insight on both sides of the story: the suppliers and the buyers.

Another co-founder, Félix Bélisle, has worked at Bombardier, in the quality department. Both co-founders reached the same conclusion: outsourcing tools are outdated and inadequate, which leads to significant loss in time, money, and efficiency. Nicolas’s conclusion goes even further: he realizes that it is easier to deal with an international subcontractor than a local one.

Together, with Yacine Mahid, head of technology at GRAD4, they decided to create and develop a tool adapted to the reality of the field’s actors, which can solve the problems that Nicolas and Félix encountered in their respective experience. At that moment, in February 2019, GRAD4 was born.

The first months passed with a team of less than five people, developing the first version of an outsourcing platform, only available through invitation to ensure an adequate integration of all companies. Then came the last of the four co-founders, Karim Besbes, an architect whose considerable experience helps GRAD4 launch the second version of its platform, greatly improving upon the previous one.

At the time, the co-founders complement each other and are supported by a team of around 15 people specializing in development, research, customer service, sales, and marketing. The platform is improved upon monthly, offering new functions . The platform is now used by hundreds of people, and this number keeps growing at a staggering rate. In addition, two artificial intelligence projects are currently in progress.

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