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GRAD4’s Manufacturer Messenger is here!

You can now avoid the hassle of keeping track of numerous email conversations and files by managing all details of your in-process RFQs all directly on the GRAD4 platform. Learn a bit more about what this exciting feature has to offer.

Instant communication directly on the platform

Buyers and potential suppliers are able to communicate without even leaving the GRAD4 platform. Through a newly-implemented chat window similar to those on social media platforms, users are able to talk in real-time about potential contracts. 

All your RFQ management needs in one spot

Once a supplier quotes on an RFQ, you will automatically gain access to the Manufacturer Messenger. You will be notified every time you receive a new message, and suppliers will receive updates on whether or not they have been awarded contracts. You can further filter all supplier conversations by RFQ.

Say goodbye to disorganized email conversations

Locate your RFQs and quotes without losing sight of the discussion. When you communicate directly on GRAD4, you can hold conversations, view RFQs and quotes, and share additional files all in one window.

Ask and communicate about any questions or concerns

With the Manufacturer Messenger, it is now easier to inquire about any concerns that arise throughout the manufacturing process. Whether you have slight adjustments to your RFQ, or want to get a quick overview of what technologies a supplier is equipped with, the Manufacturer Messenger will ensure that you’re up to speed on any details that happen throughout the manufacturing process.

Check out the Manufacturer Messenger in action through visiting the GRAD4 platform and submitting an RFQ or a quote. Not currently on the GRAD4 platform? Submit your first RFQ today or contact a member of our sales team to book a demo.

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