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Our platform allows you to access RFQs from over 300 Quebec buyers. Check out the RFQs, determine the most interesting ones and send a quotation.


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Expedite your business development by quickly connecting with our network of 300 buyers. Then, select the contracts that bring you the most value.

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Easily find contracts to fill your production gaps and subsequently reduce your general manufacturing costs.

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After each quotation, receive a performance report to learn more about your competitiveness. You can finally know where you rank on your prices and given deadlines.

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GRAD4 in numbers

weekly RFQ
700000 $
in issued contracts
4000 $
in average value per contract
200000 $
in contracts brought back from around the world


To ensure the quality of the GRAD4 network, we have established a few criteria that your company needs to meet before being accepted as a supplier partner on our platform.

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Our users get better results on 75% of their RFQs.

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